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A200M2CX Size 2 Full Voltage Magnetic Motor Starter with 480V Coil Eaton / Cutler-Hammer


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NEMA Class A200, Size 2, 3 phase non-reversing magnetic motor starter with 480 Volt coil. This magnetic starter is used for full-voltage across-the-line starting and stopping of squirrel cage motors. Can be operated locally or remotely by manual or automatic pilot devices, by Eaton / Cutler-Hammer.

Sku # : A200M2CX

A200M2CX Eaton / Cutler-Hammer, Size 2 NEMA type Full Voltage, Non Reversing, 480V Coil 7-1/2 Hp At 115 V 1 Phase, 10 Hp At 208 V 3 Phase, 15 Hp At 240 V 3 Phase, 25 Hp At 480/600 V 3 Phase; 45 Ampere; 1/3 Phase; Coil Voltage 480 V At 60 Hz; Auxiliary Contact 1no-1nc; Size Nema 2; Open Enclosure; Overloads Bimetallic Type B Ambient Temperature Compensated 1nc Manual Reset Class 20; Nema Construction Standard; A200 Model; Approval Ul, Csa; Number Of Pole 3.

Also termed Mag Starter referring to their magnetic method of operation. Type B overload relay, manual reset only are supplied on Class A200 and A900 starters (two-speed). The bimetallic overload relay offers ambient compensation and a trip-to-test feature(relay contact status check) as standard. In addition, an isolated normally-open contact is available in kit form for customer mounting. Type B overload relays are manual reset only.

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