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BQD320 Bolt-on type for panelboard use.

BQD320 Panel board Bolt-on Type BQD Circuit Breakers by SIEMENS


3 Pole 277/480 Bolt-on Panel board branch Circuit Breakers by Siemens. Compact size, single handle, common trip, quick-make/quick-break. Field installable shunt trips or auxiliary switches. Due to their compact size BQD breakers are well suited for OEM designed equipment. All are HACR rated.

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Product Detail

BQD320 3 Pole 20A Molded Case, Thermal Magnetic BQD Frame breaker are on level below heavy industrial. They are designed for industry but cost less than heavy duty industrial types, a money saver for the budget minded businessman. 240 VAC/480 VAC Star/277 VAC At 60 HZ (Ul), Ampere At 40 Deg C, Interrupting Rating 65 Kiloampere At 240 VAC, 14 Kiloampere At 480 VAC Star/277 VAC (Ul), Terminal Load Lug, Size 3 Inch W X 4.49 Inch H, Speedfax Brand, BQD Model BQD320.

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BQD320 Panel board Bolt-on Type BQD Circuit Breakers by SIEMENS
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