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Q12100TF Obsolete Item

Q12100TF Plug on Top Feed Main Breaker


100A 240V 2 Pole PLUG-IN circuit breaker with Top Feed lug configuration.

These are used, but in very good condition

. Breaker is in excellent shape. No chips or defects. You will like the quality. See Close up. item is obsolete and not available new.

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Product Detail

Q12100TF Top Feed specialized 2 Pole Plug in main breaker with top configured lugs. Square D is the Cadillac of all brands and favored by the majority of electricians. Unique is the trip window indicates a tripped circuit. Common Trip, Thermal Magnetic, 1-3 Poles, 120/240 VAC At 50/60 HZ (Underwriters Lab/CSA), 48 VDC, 15-100 Ampere, Interrupting Rating 10 Kiloampere At 120/240 VAC (Underwriters Lab/CSA), 5 Kiloampere At 48 VDC, Wire Size 14 To 8 Awg (Aluminum/Copper), (2) 14 To 10 Awg (Copper), Plug On Mounting, Size 2.25 Inch W X 2.91 Inch D X 3 Inch H, Approval Underwriters Lab, Used On Q1 Load Center, QO is a registered brand of the Square D Company, Q1 Model. Obsolete, reconditioned.

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Q12100TF Plug on Top Feed Main Breaker
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