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Q12100TF Plug on Top Feed Main Breaker


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100A 240V 2 Pole PLUG-IN circuit breaker with Top Feed lug configuration. These are used, but in very good condition. Breaker is in excellent shape. No chips or defects. You will like the quality. See Close up. item is obsolete and not available new.

Sku # : Q12100TF
Q12100TF Top Feed specialized 2 Pole Plug in main breaker with top configured lugs. Square D is the Cadillac of all brands and favored by the majority of electricians. Unique is the trip window indicates a tripped circuit. Common Trip, Thermal Magnetic, 1-3 Poles, 120/240 VAC At 50/60 HZ (Underwriters Lab/CSA), 48 VDC, 15-100 Ampere, Interrupting Rating 10 Kiloampere At 120/240 VAC (Underwriters Lab/CSA), 5 Kiloampere At 48 VDC, Wire Size 14 To 8 Awg (Aluminum/Copper), (2) 14 To 10 Awg (Copper), Plug On Mounting, Size 2.25 Inch W X 2.91 Inch D X 3 Inch H, Approval Underwriters Lab, Used On Q1 Load Center, QO is a registered brand of the Square D Company, Q1 Model. Obsolete, reconditioned.

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