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QE3200VH Square D

QE3200VH Square D 200A 240V Main Breaker - Reconditioned


3P 200A 240V Thermal magnetic plug-on circuit breakers, like the QE3200VH are commonly found in many Square D EZ-Meter Pak Meter Load Centers. This breaker model is now considered Obsolete. Breaker is only available and offered as

Refurbished/Green, only.

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Product Detail

QE3200VH 3 Pole 200A 22K rated, 240V Tenant Circuit Breaker. Non Interchangeable trip unit type. Is not interchangeable with any other breaker. This breaker is commonly used as a Main Breaker and not a branch unit. Breaker is thoroughly reviewed, tested and comes with one year warranty against defects. QT, Quality Control. Refurbished.

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QE3200VH Square D 200A 240V Main Breaker - Reconditioned
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