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Circuit Breaker Models

Breaker Outlet is your ultimate source for the top name brand manufacturers of circuit breakers for use in a variety of different applications. We carry only high quality new breakers and a selection of old style breakers to fit your electrical system protection requirements. As well, if you need assistance determining the right type of circuit breaker for you electrical system, our trained experts can guide you to the right product to ensure you make a safe choice.

High Quality Circuit Breaker Manufacturers
As you view our online catalog of circuit breakers, you will find a selection of products made by some of the highest quality circuit breaker manufacturers in the world. We carry the circuit breakers that meet your demands and provide the necessary protection against circuit overload and fire that you need for the protection of your home or business. Some of the products and associated manufacturers we carry include Federal Pioneer Circuit Breakers, the Quicklag Circuit Breaker, Square D I Line Breakers, Plug On Circuit Breakers, Sentron Series Circuit Breakersand Powerpact Circuit Breakers.

Circuit Breaker Types
The purpose of a circuit breaker is to regulate the flow of current into the electrical system of your home, business or industrial facility. These devices prevent circuit overloads, power surges and potential fires. There are a variety of circuit breakersthat provide the protection needed in accordance with the required safety standards of a particular system. Whether you need quad breakers, GFCI’s or other forms of circuit breakers, our inventory offers plenty of breakers to consider for your particular needs.

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To inquire about our extensive line of circuit breakers, give us a call today at (800) 321-8998. A trained represented will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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